Hydraulic Manipulators Are A Cost-Efficient, Effective Material Handling Solution

Hydraulic Manipulator

Looking for a powerful material handling solution that will keep your production lines moving? Do you like the idea of robotic automation but are intimidated by the costly up-front investment and challenging maintenance requirements?

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How TDA Buddy Can Increase the Efficiency of Your Manufacturing or Industrial Facility


At TDA Buddy, we’ve been building manipulator systems since 1985. Having provided thousands of manufacturers with custom systems to improve their plant’s workflow, we’re confident in our ability to help you increase your efficiency. In addition to that, we pride ourselves on providing cost-saving alternatives to expensive and technically challenging robotic systems.

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Increase Production Line Efficiency with Custom End Effectors


End effectors are devices that are designed to interact with and handle products on your production line. In many ways, end effectors are the gatekeepers of your production process. Without them, your assembly line can grind to a halt and your products will pile up as the line waits for human operators to move, place and realign them. This is why custom end effectors are critical to the efficiency of your production line: with them in place, your products move from one station to the next with minimal – or no – other interaction required.

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How Articulating Arms Can Improve Your Plant’s Workflow


Designed for parts that are centered on the drop link rather than being overhung or cantilevered, articulating arms are great for material handling jobs that require the arm stay above the work area. TDA Buddy manufactures articulating arms in several models, from 2-arm to 4-arm, that are capable of lifting up to 500 pounds. Utilized in a wide range of industries, such as aerospace and automotive, articulating arms have proven themselves to be assets when it comes to the timely completion of countless applications. In this post, we’re going to look at five of the major advantages offered by articulating arms from TDA Buddy.

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Manipulators Provide the Functionality of a Robot at a Fraction of the Cost


Robots can allow your manufacturing facility to automate a number of simple tasks, lifting the physical burden from your employees while also affording them the opportunity to focus on more productive work. However, robots typically come with an extremely high cost. This cost isn’t just monetary, either, as robots require intricate programming routines, frequent software updates and complicated maintenance. While you may be saving time on the production line, you’re losing time sourcing new employees capable of properly servicing the robot.

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The Immediate and Long Term Benefits of Working with TDA Buddy


When you’re looking to upgrade your industrial manipulator equipment, it’s important to understand what your manufacturer has to offer. The efficiency of your production line depends on the quality of the equipment that you select. Whether you’re sourcing a pneumatic manipulator for the aerospace industry or an articulating arm for a pharmaceutical manufacturer, getting the right piece of equipment from a dependable provider can make all the difference. In this post, we’d like to look at both the immediate and long term benefits of sourcing your industrial manipulators from TDA Buddy.

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The Versatility of Industrial Manipulators

Industrial Manipulators

If Hollywood has taught us anything, it’s that robots aren’t capable of thinking for themselves. You give them a directive and, generally, they’ll act on that directive until they’re shut down, given new instructions or they malfunction. While this is great for repetitive, predictable tasks, it’s not well-suited to the uncertain, always shifting needs of the factory floor.

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Using Industrial Manipulators to Prevent Employee Injuries


According to OSHA, it is estimated that employers pay almost $1 billion per week for direct workers’ compensation costs due to workplace injuries. These costs cover compensation packages, medical expenses and legal costs. Beyond these direct costs, there’s a host of indirect costs such as hiring replacements, decreased productivity, equipment repairs and investigative costs. With these staggering figures, it’s no surprise that employers are constantly vigilant, on the lookout for an effective way to reduce costs and, more importantly, protect their employees.

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Industrial Manipulators in the Transportation Industry


Lifting, gripping, rolling, pitching and moving loads is commonplace in the transportation industry. With the weight of the parts utilized by companies in the industry, repeatable methods become necessary to maintain productivity and prevent injury to employees.

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Nobots vs. Robots


TDA Buddy manipulators, or “nobots” as we often call them, are not really in conflict with robots. We like robots. Some of our best working partners are robots.

TDA’s manipulators are manually operated, can lift up to 1,000 pounds, and can lock an object steady in 3D space. Robots have similar lifting capability. Yet there are situations where TDA’s nobots are just as capable to perform a function at a fraction of the cost, and other situations where our nobots are superior.

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