Prevent Muscular Stress on Your Workers with Ergonomic Industrial Manipulators

Articulating Arms

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, back injuries are the most common safety issue in the American workplace. With the compensation costs involved – totaling over $52 billion per year – it's no surprise that employers all across the country are looking for effective ways to prevent these types of injuries. Sure, you could invest in a fully-automated operation... but the upfront costs are intimidating and, worse yet, the ongoing costs of maintenance and software updates could result in a financial wash.

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Gain the Benefits of Full Automation at a Fraction of the Cost with an Industrial Manipulator

Industrial Manipulators

A fully-automated, robotic system can streamline your workflow by making it easier for your employees to perform their daily tasks. Whether they're moving products throughout your facility, preparing them for shipment or positioning them for service, these kinds of laborious, repetitive motions can take a physical toll on them. And, while robots are a surefire way to solve one problem, they don't offer the affordability – and flexibility – that industrial manipulators offer. While they save you time in your production schedule, they cost you time in training, employee acquisition and maintenance.

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The Capabilities of Industrial Manipulators Designed by TDA Buddy

Industrial Manipulator

Designing the most efficient and safe industrial manipulators in the industry, TDA Buddy takes pride in the quality and usefulness of our machines. Utilized in a range of industries, from aerospace and agriculture to textiles and petroleum, our pneumatic, electric and hydraulic manipulators have become an invaluable asset to a number of manufacturers. More cost-efficient and flexible than fully-automated robotic solutions, industrial manipulators provide a host of benefits that are borne out of their impressive capabilities. In this post, we're going to look closer at the capabilities of TDA Buddy industrial manipulators and, more importantly, discuss how they can benefit you.

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Take Advantage of the Adaptability of Hydraulic Manipulators

Hydraulic Manipulator

One of the greatest benefits of using hydraulic manipulators is their versatility. When compared to robots – and other fully-automated systems – their ability to adapt to changing circumstances is unmatched. While robots are great at what they do, they are typically designed to do one thing and one thing only. Manipulators, on the other hand, can be repurposed and adapted to new sets of instructions and, as a result, they can be made to address the ever-shifting needs of the factory floor.

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Determining if ROI for Your Industrial Manipulator is Worth the Cost

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Oftentimes, high quality industrial equipment is expensive. Upgrading your material handling systems is usually seen as an investment. Don't talk yourself out of purchasing a heavy duty industrial manipulator because of the cost without looking at its value and potential return on investment (ROI). There are a number of things to consider when determining ROI.

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The Industry’s Best Hydraulic Manipulators, From a Company That Will Work with You

Hydraulic Manipulator

Creating the industry's best hydraulic manipulators is a science. Customer service, on the other hand, is an art. Over the years, the team at TDA Buddy has aimed to perfect these two disciplines... to provide our customers with the best service possible alongside lasting, dependable solutions to their material handling needs. Serving a range of industries – including aerospace, defense, HVAC, pharmaceutical and utilities – we have gained an impressive ability to recognize our customers' needs.

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Increase Safety and Prevent Workplace Injuries with Industrial Manipulators


It shouldn't come as a surprise that workers' compensation claims have the potential to severely handicap your profits. OSHA estimates that, on average, companies pay $1 billion every single week due to injuries sustained by their employees. This figure, while intimidating, only represents half of the equation, as well. Coupled with the cost of hiring replacements, training new staff, repairing equipment and – of course – the cost of investigating workers' comp claims, workplace injuries don't just threaten to handicap your business... they can often gravely cripple your ability to operate at an efficient, profitable level.

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Common Uses for Heavy Duty Industrial 3-D Manipulators

Industrial Manipulators

Industrial manipulators are becoming more and more prominent in the workplace. These rugged systems allow workers to move, lift, and manipulate loads more quickly and efficiently while greatly reducing risk of injury. In this post we'll talk about some common uses for these increasingly important systems.

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The Differences Between Hoists, Robots and Industrial Manipulators

Industrial Manipulators

When looking for comprehensive material handling solutions, many manufacturers explore their options. Whether you're looking at a hoist, a hydraulic manipulator, a fully-automated robot or an articulating arm, there is a definite payoff to learning all that you can about your chosen technology. More importantly, there are questions that you need to answer before truly considering any one solution in particular. Do you need to move objects in three dimensional space? Will your employees be required to pitch, roll or yaw parts to change their orientations? Are you hoping to purchase a solution that will grow – and evolve – with your company's needs?

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Hydraulic Manipulators Are A Cost-Efficient, Effective Material Handling Solution

Hydraulic Manipulator

Looking for a powerful material handling solution that will keep your production lines moving? Do you like the idea of robotic automation but are intimidated by the costly up-front investment and challenging maintenance requirements?

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