Prevent Repetitive Strain Injuries and Keep Your Line Moving with a Hydraulic Manipulator

Hydraulic Manipulator

For many businesses, an unexpected cost – like a workers’ compensation claim – can be crippling. Cutting into your profits and limiting your workforce, these claims can stifle your productivity and lead to downtime that frustrates both you and your customers. In fact, OSHA has estimated that over $1 billion is spent every week to employees who have suffered injuries on the job. With this figure in mind – and the consequences it entails – it is essential to take every precaution possible to prevent workplace injuries, not just for your bottom line but for the safety and security of your employees. Today, we’re going to take a look at how industrial manipulators can help you minimize cases of repetitive strain injuries and keep your production line moving.

Increase employee safety

Internal shipping can be dangerous, especially if it is done improperly. The constant lifting, repositioning and placing of heavy, awkward objects can take a toll on your employees. By utilizing a pneumatic, electric or hydraulic manipulator, you can prevent your employees from having to struggle and strain. Free from these burdens, they can lift and position your products almost effortlessly, even moving them in three-dimensional space, if necessary!

Reduce costs

By preventing workplace injuries, you don’t just reduce the direct costs of workers’ compensation claims, you reduce the costs of unexpected downtime and employee training. From nearly every angle, implementing an industrial manipulator is a win-win: employees are safer and more secure, employers’ operations cost less and are more stable.

At TDA Buddy, we are an industry leader in providing pneumatic, electric and hydraulic manipulators. Over the years, we have worked tirelessly to improve our products and afford our customers a level of security. If you’ve been looking for ways to keep your employees safe and maintain – or improve – the production rate of your operation, contact us today to discuss how we can help.

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