Protect Your Most Valuable Assets with TDA Buddy Industrial Manipulators

Overhead Mounted Manipulator

You keep your money in a bank where it is locked up, counted and insured. You keep your facility on lockdown after hours, ensuring that all of your equipment is powered down and secure. Your products are shrink wrapped, stowed on pallets and shipped via trusted third-party providers. But what are you doing to protect your most valuable assets? Those assets that can’t be replaced and can’t be securely stored while you’re away? What are these assets? Well, they’re the most valuable thing that your company has on hand: your employees.

Every year, roughly 186 million work days are lost due to back pain. The United States Department of Labor has classified back injuries as the country’s leading safety issue. Additionally, costs, including indirect costs, due to repetitive stress injuries tops out at over $100 billion per year. With these numbers in mind, it’s obvious why it benefits you – not just financially – to safeguard your workers against common workplace injuries.

The overarching goal of TDA Buddy’s line of industrial manipulators is to increase productivity and reduce instances of workplace injury due to repetitive motion and overexertion. Our pneumatic manipulators make material handling jobs simple. With their ability to grip parts, pitch, roll and yaw them if necessary, they utilize neutral balance technology to essentially render parts weightless during the material handling process.

For proof, take a look at a recent case study where we helped a large transportation component manufacturer prevent workplace injuries by developing an overhead mounted manipulator. Our solution was completed for less than 20% of what a robot would have costed and, more importantly, it reduced the residual back pain experienced the machine’s operator.

At TDA Buddy, we aim to increase your output while simultaneously defending your most valuable assets – your employees – against common occupational injuries. If you’ve been looking for a trusted supplier of industrial manipulators that will work with you to develop the solution that you need, contact us today to learn more about TDA Buddy’s comprehensive product line.

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