Affordable and Easy Lifting with Pneumatic Manipulators from TDA Buddy

Pneumatic Manipulators

For more than 30 years, TDA Buddy has been custom designing and manufacturing pneumatic manipulators that have helped workers perform material handling jobs with ease. No matter what industry you are in, our staff can assist you in our complete line of industrial lifting and positioning with our pneumatic manipulators.

With up to a 400 pound capacity, our company offers pneumatic part manipulators that are designed to improve worker efficiency and productivity. Our industrial pneumatic manipulators have a unique neutral balance technology that allows the parts to float, making them weightless, as well as explosion proof. With precise part positioning, our pneumatic manipulators can grip parts, roll, pitch, or yaw them if necessary, and place them accurately for the next operation.

Are you looking for a machine that not only helps your employees, but also does not required skilled maintenance and electric connection? Our pneumatic manipulators are custom manufactured and designed to meet our customers’ specifications. With our manipulators, we want your employees to feel safe lifting products, rather than making it a team effort to have to lift products and risk the possibility of having an injured employee. No matter what your specifications and needs are for our manipulators, we guarantee we can meet and exceed your expectations.

Not only have our customers been satisfied with our TDA Buddy pneumatic manipulators, but according to our customers, their manipulators have lasted them approximately 15-20 years. TDA Buddy products are also designed to also help your expenses. With our pneumatic manipulator, from a product standpoint, you won’t have to worry about dropped parts resulting in expensive scrap or rework.  If you are in need of a way to increase production and lifting assistance, request a quote or contact us today for more information on our pneumatic manipulators.

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