Hydraulic Manipulators Are a Versatile, Dependable Alternative to Full Automation

Hydraulic Manipulators

In the industry, hydraulic manipulators are known for being adaptable, dependable, and straightforward solutions. Fully automated solutions, on the other hand, are known for being very good at a single, narrow application. Whether they’re being used to position products, lift them onto pallets, or pitch them at an angle for inspection, robots are limited in their applications. Because hydraulic manipulators take their instructions from an operator, they are afforded more flexibility: they can be repurposed and reused depending on your operation’s current needs.

For example, a robot can be designed to lift and pitch products at an angle for assembly. It will be very good at lifting and pitching products but, when the need to improvise arises, it won’t be able to contribute. Its code won’t allow it to position those products inside your storage space or load them onto trucks for shipping. The robot is firmly rooted into a single purpose: lifting and pitching.

On the other hand, a hydraulic manipulator can adapt to the situation. Instructed by an operator and not locked into a preprogrammed routine, the manipulator can evolve as your operation evolves. An operator may utilize it to lift objects for inspect and, the next day, may use it to stack objects atop shipping pallets. It’s this reliance upon an operator that makes hydraulic manipulators so versatile: they are exactly as capable and flexible as your employees.

At TDA Buddy, we strive to help our customers reduce costs, injury, and lead times. With a reputation for offering high-quality, flexible material handling solutions, we are committed to manufacturing the most versatile manipulators on the market. If you’ve been searching for an alternative to fully automated material handling solutions, contact us today to learn more about our industrial manipulators.

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