Considering Full Automation? Save Money with an Industrial Manipulator!

Industrial Manipulators

If you’re considering a fully-automated, robotic system to streamline your operation, you should investigate the benefits of industrial manipulators. Simplifying your employee’s tasks, industrial manipulators allow you to gain the benefits of automation… at a fraction of the price. If your employees are performing repeatable, manual tasks, such as moving products, preparing products for shipment, or positioning them within your facility, manipulators absolutely offer a host of benefits over full automation.

While robots are great at what they do, they aren’t known for their adaptability. If a robot is programmed to move a box from A to B, it’s going to have trouble moving a box from C to D. With an industrial manipulator, however, you have versatility. You have the ability to repurpose it to your current needs… you’re not locked into a single, narrow function. Because of this, TDA Buddy’s manipulators allow your equipment to grow – and evolve – alongside your business.

In addition to increased function, manipulators are dramatically less expensive than robots. On average, an industrial manipulator costs 15% less than a fully-automated, robotic system. Allowing you to spend less and do more, they seem an obvious choice for any operation where repeatability, adaptability, and affordability are essential.

At TDA Buddy, we’ve been designing the industry’s highest quality industrial manipulators for over thirty years. Offering a wide range of hydraulic manipulators, pneumatic manipulators, electric manipulators, and custom end effectors, we are able to tailor a solution to your business’ specific needs. If you’ve been considering automating aspects of your process, we highly encourage you to reach out to us today, discuss your needs, and let us help you address your challenges in a way that will serve your business both immediately – by reducing costs – and in the long term – by allowing for adaptability.

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