Need an Industrial Manipulator, Articulating Arm, or Custom End Effector?

Industrial Manipulator

While you may be unfamiliar with these odd sounding names, TDA Buddy has been developing and manufacturing industrial manipulators and related systems in Kalamazoo, Michigan for over 30 years.

TDA Buddy Industrial manipulators are designed to assist in the process of efficiently and safely moving material and equipment into position in an industrial and/or manufacturing environment. Our complete line of industrial lifting and positioning equipment improves operator ergonomics and productivity, allowing your employees to effectively accomplish tasks such as Lifting, Line Transferring, Lowering, Pallet Loading, Pitching, Press Unloading, Rack Loading/Unloading, Rolling, Rotating, Pitching, Turning, and Yawing of equipment and material.

Our products are capable of handling materials that weigh only a few pounds up to ½ ton.  They can hold something perfectly still, move it in 3D space -- horizontally within a 10' radius, vertically up to 64", and rotate it 360 degrees. However you need to move it, hold it, or accurately place it, TDA Buddy gives you the ability to do it.

Ergonomically, a TDA Buddy manipulator can make heavy lifting effortless. Our unique neutral balance system makes heavy parts virtually weightless, a child could lift heavy parts and glide them through space with no stress or strain. Your employees will be safer and able to move heavy parts by themselves.

Expense wise, your workers comp provider can give you lower rates when they see how you're providing lift assist to your workers.  From a product stand point, there will be no dropped parts, which eliminates expensive scrap or rework.

Read through the FAQs on this site, and you’ll gain a better understanding of what our manipulators can do.  Then, if you’re still not sure a TDA Buddy manipulator can make your facility both safer and more efficient, please contact us … we LOVE that kind of challenge.

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