Looking for Versatility? Consider Using a Hydraulic Manipulator!

Hydraulic Manipulator

Unlike robots, hydraulic manipulators are known for their adaptability. Robots, typically, are locked into a single purpose: lift an object, rotate an object, or place an object onto an assembly line. They are, in most cases, very good at what they do. But… what they do is limited. Hydraulic manipulators, on the other hand, have the ability to adapt to your changing needs. Their instructions don’t come from lines of programming. Rather, they are instructed by their operators and, as your operator’s will changes, their instructions – and purposes – can change, as well.

As an illustration, let’s imagine a loading application. A robot can be designed, built, and programmed to load products onto a pallet. However, it will struggle with moving those pallets, rotating them in three-dimensional space, or placing products of a different shape onto similar pallets. The robot is, literally, locked into a very limited purpose: load a product onto a pallet. Anything outside of that purpose is going to be difficult for it.

A hydraulic manipulator, however, is guided by an operator. Free from rigid instruction sets, the manipulator can quickly – and easily – adapt to changing circumstances. It can load different products, rotate them, and move them across your facility floor. Because they rely on operator input, they afford a level of versatility that fully-automated solutions simply cannot match. And, as a result, they are able to be used in a much wider range of applications.

At TDA Buddy, our aim is to help our customers reduce costs, instances of employee injury, and load times. As a manufacturer of the industry’s best industrial manipulators, we are proud to be advocates for these machines’ versatility, adaptability, and flexibility. If you’ve been searching for a solution that can grow with your business, contact us today to discuss how our manipulators can help.

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