Source Your Hydraulic Manipulators from the Industry’s Best

Hydraulic Manipulators

Manufacturing the best hydraulic manipulators in the world is a challenge that TDA Buddy accepted a long time ago. Perfecting our designs, engineering and reengineering them to perfection is an arduous, Herculean task. While the results of these efforts speak for themselves, there are other, equally important, efforts that we’ve made to ensure that our customers have the best experience possible. Beyond creating great industrial manipulators, we strive to provide the best customer service in the industry. Combining these two efforts, we are confident that we offer top-notch service paired with long-lasting, dependable solutions to our clients’ material handling needs. In today’s post, we’re going to talk about how TDA Buddy works to help you overcome your challenges.

Drawing upon experience

With over 3,000 hydraulic manipulators in operation, we have served a wide range of industries. Addressing the problems in those industries, we’ve gathered a wealth of experience in surmounting common problems, challenges and issues.

Learning about your needs

Experience goes a long way but, in the long run, fully understanding a customer’s needs is the best way to directly tackle their issues. Our team will work with you – alongside you – to examine your workflow, identify potential areas for improvement and recommend manipulator systems that will greatly simplify your operation’s material handling.

Commitment to quality

At TDA Buddy, we are committed to producing the world’s most rugged, most durable and most cost-effective material handling solutions. Our industrial manipulators cost a fraction of what robots or other, fully-automated solutions cost. More importantly, they are more versatile and less expensive to maintain. Whether you’re considering a 3D hydraulic manipulator, an electric manipulator, an articulating arm or anything in between, we’re certain that – by working with you – we can find, source and supply a solution that makes your life easier.

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