Robots, Hoists and Hydraulic Manipulators… What’s the Difference?

Hydraulic Manipulators

If you’ve been considering new methods to handle your operation’s material handling demands, you’ve undoubtedly investigated hoists, robots and hydraulic manipulators. Weighing the benefits and drawbacks of each of these machines can be a lengthy – and intimidating – process. Depending on your application, one may address all of your needs… but be out of your price range. Another may be within your price range… but only address a fraction of your needs. While this can be frustrating, it is essential to understand the major differences between technologies so that, in the end, you can make a well-reasoned and informed decision. In this post, we’re going to look a little closer at the differences between hydraulic manipulators, robots and hoists.


While robots are a great solution to very specific problems, they don’t afford you much in the way of flexibility. Because they are designed to do one thing extremely well, the scope of their abilities is limited. If your products or workflow change, you may find yourself facing hefty reprogramming, maintenance or retraining costs.


Just like robots, hoists are severely limited in the number of material handling solutions that they can provide. Great at lifting things up and down, they are hampered by their inability to manipulate items in three-dimensional space.

Hydraulic manipulators

Capable of moving objects in three-dimensional space and, more importantly, being repurposed as your needs and products change, hydraulic manipulators are a more versatile – and affordable – solution. When you need the ability to manage a range of material handling tasks, there simply is no better option than a hydraulic manipulator.

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