TDA Buddy, Purpose-Built to Streamline Industrial and Manufacturing Production Lines

Industrial Manipulators

The team at TDA Buddy has been in the manipulator system business for over thirty years. Having built custom solutions to meet the needs of countless manufacturers and industrial facilities, we are certain of one thing: when a client comes to us, we can help them streamline their operation and – more importantly – we can save them money. As industrial manipulators require less training, less intensive maintenance and a lower upfront investment, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide cost-efficient solutions to otherwise challenging manufacturing issues.

Unlike robotic – or fully-automated – solutions, our industrial manipulators are powered by standard shop air. They don’t require complicated reprogramming, dedicated enclosures or complicated maintenance. Above all else, though: they get the job done! Allowing you to complete a task in less time and, even better, with an enhanced level of safety, our manipulators are an ideal solution to a number of problems that are typically associated with automation.

Designed with ergonomics in mind, TDA Buddy’s industrial manipulators afford your employees the ability to complete common tasks – including loading pallets and rotating and lowering equipment – in less time and with higher levels of comfort and precision. As a result, your employees experience a lower risk of injury which not only gives them the confidence that they need to complete their job, it saves you money on workers’ compensation claims and retraining.

At TDA Buddy, we’ve worked incredibly hard to become the industry’s leading provider of hydraulic, pneumatic and electric manipulators. With a wide range of products that can be customized to address your specific needs, we’re confident that we can help you streamline your production line and, more importantly, reduce your overall expenses. So, if you’ve been looking at automated solutions at your facility, we encourage you to give us a call!

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