Gain the Benefits of Full Automation at a Fraction of the Cost with an Industrial Manipulator

Industrial Manipulators

A fully-automated, robotic system can streamline your workflow by making it easier for your employees to perform their daily tasks. Whether they’re moving products throughout your facility, preparing them for shipment or positioning them for service, these kinds of laborious, repetitive motions can take a physical toll on them. And, while robots are a surefire way to solve one problem, they don’t offer the affordability – and flexibility – that industrial manipulators offer. While they save you time in your production schedule, they cost you time in training, employee acquisition and maintenance.

With a robot, you need to train your current employees on how to operate it. Alternately, you can acquire new employees that have the skillsets necessary to run it. Either way, you need to dedicate time to the upkeep, reprogramming and maintenance of your new robot. Because of this, above all else, cost-effectiveness is where industrial manipulators shine.

Besides being, on average, about 15% less than robotic systems, industrial manipulators start paying off immediately. This, coupled with the long-term savings that you’ll experience by not needing to implement rigorous maintenance routines or complex software upgrades, means that industrial manipulators are an immediate solution with tangible, lasting benefits.  The added benefit of flexibility – being able to utilize the same manipulator for multiple tasks – ensures that, over time, your industrial manipulator will pay for itself with both the time and financial savings that it accrues.

At TDA Buddy, we have over thirty years of experience in designing manipulator systems. Whether you’re looking for a pneumatic, hydraulic or electric manipulator, we have the equipment and expertise to deliver exactly what you need. If you’ve been considering moving in the direction of automation, we encourage you to give us a call to discuss how you – and your operation – can benefit from using one of our industrial manipulators.

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