Increase Safety and Prevent Workplace Injuries with Industrial Manipulators


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that workers’ compensation claims have the potential to severely handicap your profits. OSHA estimates that, on average, companies pay $1 billion every single week due to injuries sustained by their employees. This figure, while intimidating, only represents half of the equation, as well. Coupled with the cost of hiring replacements, training new staff, repairing equipment and – of course – the cost of investigating workers’ comp claims, workplace injuries don’t just threaten to handicap your business… they can often gravely cripple your ability to operate at an efficient, profitable level.

Increase safety, prevent injury

Moving large, heavy and awkward objects is dangerous if done improperly. Affording your employees the opportunity to use an industrial manipulator is a great way to increase operator safety. As they no longer need to manually lift and position heavy parts, the danger that their job poses is drastically reduced. In addition to this, proper training ensures that they aren’t just safer, they can accomplish more in less time and, as a result, contribute to a more streamlined and profitable operation!

Limit the effects of stressful conditions

Repetitive stress and strain is one of the biggest problems in the manufacturing industry. The physical stress caused by repeatedly lifting, positioning and placing heavy parts can take its toll on your employees. By utilizing a pneumatic or hydraulic manipulator, however, you can greatly slow the accumulation of this stress and, in the long run, ensure that your employees stay healthy and capable.

At TDA Buddy, we have been a leading provider of pneumatic, hydraulic and electric manipulators for over thirty years. With the goal of ensuring your employees safety and increasing your plant’s output, we are experienced in analyzing problems and creating efficient, direct solutions that address them head on. If you’ve been looking for ways to increase safety and limit instances of workplace injury, contact us today to discuss how our industrial manipulators can help.

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