Common Uses for Heavy Duty Industrial 3-D Manipulators

Industrial Manipulators

Industrial manipulators are becoming more and more prominent in the workplace. These rugged systems allow workers to move, lift, and manipulate loads more quickly and efficiently while greatly reducing risk of injury. In this post we’ll talk about some common uses for these increasingly important systems.

Vacuum lifting

Pneumatic manipulators with vacuum grippers are great for materials that may be an awkward size or shape. The vacuum end creates an extremely powerful suction that holds the object and allows it to be lifted or manipulated in a 3-D range. These manipulators use neutral balance technology which allows parts to float weightlessly.

Handling unsafe objects

There are some items that may not be heavy, but are dangerous to handle – whether it be jagged metal sheets or sharp-edged glass. A manipulator allows the worker to safely move or work on the material without risk of injury. The availability of these systems to workers will boost morale and productivity by making sure your workers feel safe.

Manipulating panels into place

Industrial manipulators do more than just allow for ergonomic lifting. While lifting is probably the main function, they are oftentimes used to manipulate objects into the appropriate area. This is where it’s important your system has 3-D capabilities. If the workers are constructing an airplane, the system will have to lift heavy panels up high and secure them in the designated area. These tasks are almost impossible to perform precisely and effectively.

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