Increase Production Line Efficiency with Custom End Effectors


End effectors are devices that are designed to interact with and handle products on your production line. In many ways, end effectors are the gatekeepers of your production process. Without them, your assembly line can grind to a halt and your products will pile up as the line waits for human operators to move, place and realign them. This is why custom end effectors are critical to the efficiency of your production line: with them in place, your products move from one station to the next with minimal – or no – other interaction required.

At TDA Buddy, we know that manufacturers rely on end effectors to keep their production lines moving. As a result, we have the ability create a number of custom models that are capable of interacting with countless products in countless ways. From expanding mandrels and mechanical tooling to vacuum pick up devices and pneumatic grippers, our selection of end effectors is limitless since every style can be customized to your specific, individual needs.

Whether you’re looking to eliminate the need to block or shut down your presses or you need a gripper capable of picking up, moving and placing wooden pallets, we can tailor a solution to your application. Ultimately, not only will you simplify your production process, you’ll increase efficiency and reduce costs.

TDA Buddy has been building custom end effector tooling for over thirty years. With our unique combination of experience and development capabilities, we’ve become a recognized leader in the creation of manipulator systems for industry. If you’ve been looking to increase the efficiency of your production line and reduce lead times, call us today and let us develop a custom end effector that will keep your assembly lines moving.

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