Manipulators Provide the Functionality of a Robot at a Fraction of the Cost


Robots can allow your manufacturing facility to automate a number of simple tasks, lifting the physical burden from your employees while also affording them the opportunity to focus on more productive work. However, robots typically come with an extremely high cost. This cost isn’t just monetary, either, as robots require intricate programming routines, frequent software updates and complicated maintenance. While you may be saving time on the production line, you’re losing time sourcing new employees capable of properly servicing the robot.

This is where the strengths of industrial manipulators really come into play. At a fraction of the cost, you can gain the benefits of robotic manipulation without the headaches involved with maintaining them. For example, we recently worked with a large appliance manufacturer to create a manipulator that was able to maintain a swift cycle time when loading dishwasher tubs on an assembly line.

Working with the client, TDA Buddy designed an industrial manipulator that was able to pick up two tubs at a time. This allowed the industrial manipulator to match the speeds of a robot placing one at a time. In the end, we provided the customer with a tool that maintained their production speeds, exceeded their expectations and, most importantly, cost only 15% of what a robot would have cost.

At TDA Buddy, we’ve been creating manipulator systems since 1985. In that time, we’ve earned a reputation as the world’s leading provider of industrial manipulator systems. Having built thousands of systems for some of the largest companies in the world, we’re experienced in analyzing problems and developing solutions. If you’ve been looking for a trusted manufacturer of high-quality industrial manipulators, give our team a call today and let us show you why TDA Buddy is the best in the business.

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