The Immediate and Long Term Benefits of Working with TDA Buddy


When you’re looking to upgrade your industrial manipulator equipment, it’s important to understand what your manufacturer has to offer. The efficiency of your production line depends on the quality of the equipment that you select. Whether you’re sourcing a pneumatic manipulator for the aerospace industry or an articulating arm for a pharmaceutical manufacturer, getting the right piece of equipment from a dependable provider can make all the difference. In this post, we’d like to look at both the immediate and long term benefits of sourcing your industrial manipulators from TDA Buddy.

1. Ergonomics

From an ergonomic standpoint, TDA Buddy manipulators dramatically reduce the amount of effort involved in heavy lifting. In fact, our manipulators are so efficient that they could enable a child to lift heavy parts with no strain or stress.

2. Reliability

The reliability of our industrial manipulators means that there will be no dropped or damaged parts. This eliminates the need for expensive reworks and helps to increase your profit margins.

3. Customizable

In addition to customizing the colors of our equipment, we’re able to tailor material handling solutions to just about any need. From small, sensitive components to bulky parts, our machines are designed to integrate seamlessly into your current workflow.

4. Durability

Many of our customers have been using their TDA Buddy manipulators for over fifteen years. Our machines aren’t just designed to do the work, they’re engineered to do the work for a long, long time.

5. Experienced

At TDA Buddy, we’ve been engineering custom end effector tooling and industrial manipulators for over 28 years. In that time, we’ve earned a reputation for providing effective, durable and reliable industrial manipulator systems. Driven by an experienced team that is guided by honest, Midwest values, we have the experience required to provide you with the manipulators that your business needs. If you’ve been looking for a trusted, experienced partner to help optimize your production line, call us today to learn how TDA Buddy can help!

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