Industrial Manipulators in the Transportation Industry


Lifting, gripping, rolling, pitching and moving loads is commonplace in the transportation industry. With the weight of the parts utilized by companies in the industry, repeatable methods become necessary to maintain productivity and prevent injury to employees.

At TDA Buddy, we have the capability to design and manufacture custom solutions that directly address the most commonly faced problems in the transportation industry. Our lines of pneumatic, hydraulic, electric and Hoistipulator™ manipulators provide measurable, lasting benefits that can improve your facility’s bottom line. From rendering parts weightless via our neutral balance technology to locking those parts in three-dimensional space with our Hoistipulator™ Plus system, we can make your manufacturing process safer, faster and more efficient.

In the past, we assisted a major transportation component manufacturer who had the problem of loading and unloading heavy parts from inside a machining center. Issues arose when the operator of the machine that handled this process began suffering from back problems.

To resolve the problem, we designed and created an overhead mounted manipulator that was capable of reaching inside the machining center. Using our unique neutral balance system, we made the part weightless to the operator, effectively making the transfer no more difficult than transporting a balloon across the factory floor.

TDA Buddy has been providing manipulator systems to the industry since 1985. As a leader and pioneer in designing, developing and building manipulator systems, we’ve help some of the world’s largest manufacturers overcome difficult problems related to lifting, manipulating and transporting heavy loads. If you’re having issues with your manufacturing process that you think TDA Buddy could resolve, give us a call and let us lift the burden

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