Hired @ TDA Buddy Inc.


The day I walked into TDA Buddy I knew it was meant to be. And apparently they did too. 2 days later I WAS HIRED!

That was 5 months ago, since then I have reveled in my decision as the best I have made in years. The competency of the employees, the knowledge they encompass and the customer service offered surpasses any of the companies I have had the opportunity to represent in the past. They possess a customer is always right attitude while offering to save money for the customer at their expense.

I am impressed.

Steve, Drew and Rod have knowledge (and have had to retain it) on every machine that they have sent packing from this facility.  As mentioned before they have had to retain that knowledge as I have witnessed because the machines we receive calls on are some 20+ years old and still moving. The equipment they stand behind has a reputation of manipulating, supporting, alleviating, problem solving, almost any industrial undertakings it has been put to the test. And if that was not enough it also creates a healthier and safer work environment for its users. I have heard from the world over on the capabilities and endurance of not only the units but the expertise of the men behind these machines.  

I can say that I am proud to be a part of TDA Buddy Inc.


Crystal LoBretto

TDA Buddy, Inc.

Industrial Manipulators

383 E. D Ave.

Kalamazoo, MI 49009


Fax 269-349-5406

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